Your ironing is as easy as a drive-in

Aylin understands you’re in a hurry and dream of having your laundry ironed as quickly and as simply as possible. That’s why Aylin has developed its drive-in service.

  • Drop off your laundry basket.
  • Pick it up again within 48hrs to the extent possible.

Aylin drive-in in practice

A budget that’s easy to manage

  1. Calculate the cost of your laundry basket using the online simulation. Easy rules will help you to calculate your budget.
  2. 1 voucher pays for 1 hour. Out of the €9 you pay, you recuperate approximately 30% thanks to the tax reduction.
  3. Leave your service vouchers in the laundry basket. You can order them online or ask Aylin to help you with all the Sodexho administrative formalities.

A clear deadline

To ensure the availability of our ironing teams, tell us at what time you will be dropping off your laundry basket

  1. We guarantee the best deadline and we stick to it
  2. Come back after 48 hrs by the deadline set.

How much will it cost to iron your laundry

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Request your domestic help

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Four shirts ironed for free when you place your first order