Your laundry basket at the office or at home

When you’re working, you’re often working against the clock: your working hours, school and your children’s activities, appointments, shopping, etc. Therefore, services that save time are often welcome, such as not having to travel for your laundry. Aylin is well aware of the lack of availability among the working population and is offering an office from 4 laundry baskets.

  • We iron, and drop off your laundry basket for you without having to worry about it.

You work, we iron… in practice

A budget that’s easy to manage

  1. Calculate the cost of your laundry basket using the online simulation. Easy rules will help you to calculate your budget.
  2. 1 voucher pays for 1 hour.
    Out of the €9 you pay, you recuperate approximately 30% thanks to the tax reduction.
  3. Office delivery won’t cost you anything. You can benefit from this service thanks to your employer.
  4. Leave your service vouchers in the laundry basket. You can order them online or ask Aylin to help you with all the Sodexho administrative formalities.

A clear agreement on the deadline

We organise set collection days. Just make a note of the day: we come and pick up your laundry basket from your office.

  1. You can focus on your work. We guarantee the best deadline and we stick to it.
  2. 48hrs later, you can pick up your laundry basketo the extent possible.

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