Service vouchers & their benefits in brief

The service voucher is a form of payment subsidized by the state which allows you, as an individual, to make your payments to a company approved for the execution of your household tasks.

The service voucher system allows individuals to benefit from services such as ironing or home help, under fiscally advantageous conditions and in complete legality.

A service voucher is a check worth €9 which is equivalent to one hour of service (cleaning, ironing, help with meal preparation, household errands).

Before placing your first order, you must first register (free of charge) with Sodexo by completing the online form. The region of your main residence guides your registration:

For more information on service vouchers and tax reduction or to register with Sodexo :

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Paper or electronic service vouchers? It’s up to you to choose the format you prefer to use, but the electronic service voucher has several advantages: services can be validated in one click, no risk of error or forgetting when filling out the service voucher, you don’t have to wait for the (sometimes slow) delivery of your vouchers. And much simpler and faster management for the household help and the service voucher company.


Advantages of the electronic format :

  • safer : no loss or theft since checks only exist virtually
  • less likely to have expired checks : the oldest service vouchers are the first to be used 
  • guarantee that the service voucher meets all the conditions: the data is automatically completed online
  • you get the service vouchers the day after you pay your order
  • you can manage your e-wallet on your phone or on your computer
  • you will receive an email one month before the end of validity of your service vouchers
  • after a service, you just have to validate it online

For the paper format, you can only order on your computer, the vouchers are mailed within 5 working days after the order (but must still be delivered to you) and you must manually complete them (date, signature, nature of assistance received) before handing them over to your housekeeper. She also has to complete them by adding her name, first name, national register number and signature. Then approved companies (like Aylin) must send all paper service vouchers to Sodexo, following very specific rules. All this is not necessary when working with electronic vouchers. A time saver for everyone and a nice gesture for the environment!

For your order : Sodexo only takes care of ordering your service vouchers. The purchase of your service vouchers is made via a bank transfer to the Sodexo account with as structured communication your user number (which was communicated to you by Sodexo at the time of your registration).

The housekeeping service is provided at the address mentioned on the service voucher. The voucher is nominative and cannot be transferred to a family member or an acquaintance.


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