Your ironing @home

You also feel like you’re working against the clock ? Working hours, school and your children’s activities, appointments, shopping, etc. Therefore, services that save time are often welcome, such as not having to travel for your laundry. Aylin is well aware of that and is offering you an ironing service @home.

  • If you wish, one of our ironers can come and take care of your laundry at your home, at the usual rate: one hour of work equals one service voucher.

In practice

A budget that’s easy to manage

  1. Calculate the cost of your laundry basket using the online simulation. Easy rules will help you to calculate your budget.
  2. One hour worked is equivalent to one service voucher. You can obtain a tax reduction on the purchase of your service vouchers, which varies according to where you are domiciled (Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders).
  3. You order your electronic or paper vouchers from Sodexo. Aylin can help you with the administrative procedures with Sodexo.

A clear agreement on the deadline

You decide when the ironer comes to your place and you know exactly when your laundry will be ready.

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